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"I just received my new Klhippers. They are simply amazing. You have reinvented a category, like Apple did with the phone and Nest did with the thermostat. I love great design and great craftsmanship. Your product rocks!" -Tom J., Klhip customer

"Got them this week and love them. The control they have compared to regular clippers is amazing. Love these." -Steve D., Klhip customer

"Just received your product and I must say it is the BEST clipper I have ever used. Cuts so nicely and smoothly! Thank you for getting it to me so quickly and such great service" -Josh A., Klhip customer

"Using the Klhip clipper is a pleasure and instantly gives you more precision due to its innovative design. A grooming tool you'll actually look forward to needing again!" -Gary F., Klhip customer

"These clippers are FANTASTIC! -John L., Klhip customer

"I got my "Klhipers" in the mail yesterday and I'm very impressed. I can't wait for my nails to grow out, just so that I can use the Klhip again. Thanks for the AWESOME product." -J. Daly, Klhip customer

"Got it..oh my gosh the new design is even better! I use this thing almost every day. Thanks!" -Stephen B., Klhip customer

"Excellent design changes. It clips right through like butter and without effort! Thank you!" -Greg T., Klhip customer

"Never in my life have I looked forward to clipping my nails until Klhip came along" -S. Sayer, Klhip customer

"I received the newly designed clippers and must say there have been significant improvements... What an elegant device for such a common task! The metalwork is clearly more precise and the feel is much different (in a good way).......I am quite pleased with my Klhip and will absolutely be sharing them with everyone I know that appreciates such precision tools." -B. Mark, Klhip customer

"I just received your nail clippers as a father's day gift from my son. After a decade and a half working construction, my hands don't always work that well. Your nail clipper; the ease of use and craftsmanship are a phenomenal tool."" -R. Campbell, Klhip customer

"Recently procured myself one of your wonderful Klhip'ers... I was skeptical about my purchase at first. No more. Well worth the cost. As these will be my Klhip'ers until they pry them from my cold dead, well manicured, hands." -S. Schiller, Klhip customer

"I wanted to pass along my thanks for a wonderful product. The product is great but I really wanted to point out your wonderful customer service. I appreciate your fast email responses and your up front, clear and detailed answers to my questions. I will spread the word about your products and your fabulous customer experience. A lifetime loyal customer." -Klhip customer

"Good morning.... I can't find the clipper that I bought for our son months ago.....want another one. He is so pleased with his. About a month after he rec'd it he had a cancerous brain tumor removed and had severe complications. Is now learning to walk, talk, swallow, and improve hand/eye co-ordination at the VA brain trauma center in Mpls, MN. I was clipping his nails one day, he took the clipper from me and by "feel" did a perfect job on his nails!!!! You have an excellent product! " -M. Briskie, Klhip customer

"I got my klhip today and it is indeed everything everyone says it is.... literally the best performance on my nails ever......expensive but worth it." -Klhip customer

"....the Klhippers have exceeded my expectations and perform much better than advertised. Congratulations on bringing a wonderful product to market." -Klhip customer

"Now that I've used it, I certainly agree that a great product is now even better!" -Geoff W., Klhip customer

"Great Product! Thank you for getting it to me." -Klhip customer

"I got the Khlip recently and I have to say I consider it as the Rolls Royce of nail clippers. I was waiting to get the Khlip those long months and now I'd like my nails to grow faster just to use that wonderful creation." - Klhip customer, Paris, France

"I just received my Klhippers today, and wanted to let you know that they are awesome!! They are just as you advertised. Thank you for making such an amazing product!!" - Klhip customer

"Just a little mail to say thanks for all your help with the Klhip's, got them yesterday and they are the best thank you." - Klhip customer

"I just got them today. And they are amazing. Well worth the wait. Thank you!" - Klhip customer

"Finally, a quality nail clipper built to last. It cuts so cleanly that I don't need to file my nails afterward." - Lisa, Oregon

"The increased control and leverage, combined with the sharpness of the cutting blade is striking - makes me look forward to trimming my nails!" - Geoff, Idaho

"Amazing! The clippings stay right there - no flyaways. Bravo!" - John, Colorado

"Wow, what a clipper! Beauty and precision!" - Pat, Washington

"Unbelievable, I love trimming my nails now! Way to go!" - Josh, Idaho

"The difference, or more specifically the improvement, is amazing. I cant wait to order Klhips for our family and as gifts!" - Chris, Colorado

"Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!" - Laura, Idaho